- installation view - graphic - EN.jpg
schematic installation view
photographic installation view

an experimental vector-based multi-channel laser-light-sound-installation

"what you see is what you hear is what you feel"
or as the little boy would say:
"Kuck mal Mama, da is wieda kritzi kratzi"

The exhibition took place from July 20th - 28th 2019, daily from 2 to 9 pm, at the Academy of fine arts in Munich, Germany, as part of the fine arts diploma degree exhibition.

For viewing a kind of a show reel with many different video clips of live shows, tests, experiments and calibration sessions follow this link:
Melion Vector Showreel

For booking me to create or perform a laser show for you or your event including laser-light risk assessment please send an informal e-mail to:
post [at] melion [dot] org
Please count in at least two weeks for proper preparation (*).
Many GREAT THANKS go out to these amazing people:

Derek Holzer / macumbista /
for his workshops in vector synthesis and laser show technology, his great and stable pure data patches, his academic research, his new vector synthesis book, for organizing the vector hack festival and for being a major inspiration and master of the vector world.

Jerobeam Fenderson /
for his canny tutorials of oscilloscope music and his great creative inspiration: "And no matter how far you go always remember to let there be love."

Hansi Raber /
for his coding skills in creating the OsciStudio software and for his inspiration to get into C, C++ and openFrameworks: "do it yourself".

Nick / One Trip Pony
for jamming together in an experimental effort to create synesthetic concerts with the laser light organ.

Volker Moellenhoff /
for his extremely useful hints and hardware and being a long-term constant.

Cheesy / Ray Technologies
for his perfected laser technology and being a major technological and programmatic inspiration for years.

Sigi / DS Showlaser
for making me a laser security officer last minute. They are holding laser security courses for an anniversary price of just ten euros this september 2019!

Wolfrick Fischer /
for providing amazing knowledge and expertise in special effects and the respective hardware for many years.

Ted Davis /
for kicking me off to the ILDA world with his DAC to ILDA interface scheme.


(*) Shows will be performed in any place in this world provided that the government in place is not a dictatorship or will take away my sensible equipment at dictaturesque airports.